Profound Healing and Awareness

I just wanted to thank you for tonight’s call.  The healing I received and the awareness that came in were profound.  I had no idea that so much forgotten and buried “stuff” would emerge to be cleared.  I  actually felt a shift in my body and brain.  When you dropped those tiny golden nets over the hypothalamus and pituitary I was  astounded because I have been working on endocrine healing all week.

Every time you guided the group to go deeper, I did, and I was so surprised that more memories came up to be cleared. And the really amazing part was a memory or an energy I physically felt as a tiny baby being held by my step grandmother. This is something I have never been aware of, but it comes down to me not being wanted and being a burden because my mother was so, so young.  This     energy, I realized tonight, has permeated my entire life!  Making me want to prove my worth to everyone.  I am so thrilled to have been able to identify this and let it go!  Wow, is all I can say… T.F.  in Ca.

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