It was Validating That I Could Trust my Thoughts and Feelings

I just listened to the last session and you surprised me twice with saying exactly what I was thinking or doing. You were talking about releasing old stuff so I visualized myself unzippering a vest from around my heart and 3rd chakra and discarding it.  You then said you saw some people unzipping a jump suit and discarding it! When you were talking about releasing the ties to what people wanted us to be as children I thought of how I couldn’t wear certain hair styles or wear certain clothes and right then you said release the limitations concerning hair styles and how to dress!  You made me laugh! It was validating that I could trust my thoughts and feelings!

Living with 1 Plug in the Battery Pack

Thank you for the gift of your sound healing. I fell deeply asleep and woke up at the end. Apparently I was very relaxed and needed the sleep especially after the intense session the day before. I plan to listen to the recording Gloria and see what happens. Read more

I Feel So Calm

I can’t express how much lighter I feel, I don’t always feel a lot of energy, but something’s definitely shifted. I don’t feel as angry or annoyed with things. Also I feel so calm, like everything is going to be o.k.

Thank you for this free call. T.M. IL

Profound Healing and Awareness

I just wanted to thank you for tonight’s call.  The healing I received and the awareness that came in were profound.  I had no idea that so much forgotten and buried “stuff” would emerge to be cleared.  I  actually felt a shift in my body and brain.  When you dropped those tiny golden nets over the hypothalamus and pituitary I was  astounded because I have been working on endocrine healing all week. Read more

Completely Blown Away

“I was a bit of a skeptic in the beginning.  After working with Gloria my conclusion is that she was able to get to the bottom of emotional issues in minutes. Read more

All Life is Sacred to Gloria

“Gloria has an amazing intuitive gift. I have had the pleasure of working next to her at wellness fairs and have seen firsthand the clear channel she is for the healing energies. Read more

Incredibly Unique

“I have known Gloria for years and have always known she was a gifted healer. She has added so many wonderful tools to her services that a session with her is incredibly unique. Read more

A Life-Changing Experience

“Working with Gloria has been a life-changing experience. Lifelong issues have been cleared in just hours. Gloria has helped to activate within me a clear path of allowing. Read more

Who Knew Doing Personal Work Could Be So Much Fun?

“Gloria has been helping my children and me for the past couple years. She has helped us become happier, more confident and more successful people. Read more

Amazing Healing Energy

“I recently had the most amazing phone session with Gloria, who helped me with a problem I was having with my sciatic nerve. Read more