Wow, What Was That?

Just thought I’d let you know I enjoyed the session last night.  I was sitting in bed with the lights turned way down, so I was in a very relaxed state.  Approximately half-way through the session I was either in a very relaxed state or else was almost asleep.  I don’t remember what you said, but suddenly I felt this wave move up from approximately my waist area up through the middle of my chest – it almost tickled.  It happened twice – back to back.  I kind of “came to” and remember thinking:  “Wow, what was that?  Did something really happen or was I just kind of waking up?”  Then a little later you were describing a portal with purple (I think).  Right before you said that, I saw an upside-down “U” shape (kind of like one of those paper hand fans that has been opened) directly above my nose area in the forehead area- it wasn’t very wide – maybe as wide as my head – and it was a very deep purple – kind of navy purple.  It went away quickly and then you made that statement.  You really had my full attention then!